About Me

I think I arrived at Terendak Camp in Malacca late in 1966 – but I am not really sure of the exact date, it is so long ago. I do tell people that I arrived in December but I seemed to be very settled at Christmas, hardly likely if I'd only been there for 3 weeks or so.

In fact I have to admit that much of my time there is shrouded in a haze and not a drunken one. It is age that prevents me from remembering names and faces and many other events that took place all those years ago. I am jolly glad that I have met other people (mostly on the internet) who were there and are around the same age, who have the same difficulty.

I'd like to expand this section of my site into a place where personnel who served at Terendak can find info about past friends and acquaintances, and read about the experiences of others. If you have time, please would you write down any info or memories you have and send it to me for inclusion in these pages? I would also be very grateful if you would send me copies of any photos you may have. Thank you.


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