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Edgar Weekley

Life in the Army for me started when I received my National Service call up papers telling me to report to Catterick on June 8th 1960.  On arrival in Richmond we were trucked to 24th Signal Regt, Gaza lines I believe it was, memory clouded by age and the bottle, on completion of basic training I went to 26th Signal Regt again not sure but I think it was Vimy Lines for trade training, as a teleprinter operator, this was completed somewhere around October time, then came our posting, I had not yet learnt of the Armyís sense of humour, when asked where I would like to be posted to of course like everyone I wanted a posting near home but failing that a posting to the Far East. I got my wish and I got a home posting, to Germany 28th Signals Regt firstly,  at Rhinedahlen where I met up with Doug Friend, Dave Cockerill, Dinger Belle and many others. Doing shift work in the Big House was a doddle and I thought that I didn't mind this at all. This is where I made the first big mistake of my life,  I signed on to do six years and  shortly after that I received my next posting! Twenty miles away at St Tonis and I have to say not the best of postings. Finally I received a posting to 18th Signal regiment Singapore, and what a posting that was it  made up for the last three years of boredom.  I returned home to the UK in May 66 and thatís where I made the second biggest mistake of my life I left the service to return to my life as and Engineer.  I married in 1967 and had two fine kids and  I am now retired being able please my self, trying to track down old comrades and generally enjoying life. If thereís anyone out there who remembers my name I would love to hear from you.