Then & Now

Or, How the years have flown!

Pam McDonald (was Rollings)

We left 208 in 1968 and we were posted to Aldershot which was always my favourite posting. I had my son there and then I left for Dewsbury, West Yorkshire in 1973. I was divorced in 1974 and I married again the same year. We moved to Huddersfield after and I had 2 daughters but I am now very happily single and will never ever venture down the aisle ever again. I retired a few years ago and I am able to totally please myself which is the way I like it and the way it is going to be.

I have been to Australia in 2004 and was given a super time by John and Carmel, and with Andy and Pauline in Hervey Bay. I spend quite a bit of time in Singapore with my son who lives there and I have visited him in Shanghai when he lived there. My older daughter is a Staff Nurse in Wythenshawe. She had a baby boy recently and my younger daughter has two sons and lives here in the village.

In better healthier times I used to spend 5 to 6 weeks in Singapore but now it would be too much for me to travel all that way alone. Also there would not be much point because I can't get about although there is the swimming pool just under their balcony. My daughters are working and have families so they couldn't go with me. Anyway I am happy stuck at home with my cat and strangely I loved the lockdown! I never complained. Super to have the website back up and running again, thanks to Lee Burgess and hosted by Steve Mason's son Poul.


Sam Rollings

After leaving 208 on the 13th December 68 I was posted back to 216 until I went to join TA unit 44 Para in London and lived in a flat in St. Johns Wood. I returned to 216 where I served my full time 23 years and 159 days leaving the army on the 9th July 1974 as a WO11.

I went home to Doncaster to live with my mother and got a job as a store keeper driver for the the mentally handicapped. I then became a nursing assistant looking after them on the wards and married a nursing sister. This marriage lasted 18 years but I am now divorced. I now live in a warden controlled bungalow and I am happy being single same as the person above me (!!!!! my words not Sams). I drink at the Doncaster Catholic Club at the weekend and would love to see anyone there.

Sam died in mid December 2012 and it was such a shock to us all on the web page. RIP

Ken Sixsmith

Ken's daughter Wendy told me that Ken died suddenly 3 years ago of a heart attack. He was married for the second time and living in Harrogate.

The recent picture is not actually recent but it is such a lovely one of him and that is why I chose it. I have others which must have been taken not long before his death and I can show them to anyone who would like to see them. I am glad that we have this info now and have been able to complete his Then & Now. (PMcD). RIP

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Alby Simpson (Geordie)

After 208 I went to 4 Div and was then attached to 24 missile RA, where I made it to the dizzy height of corporal then posted back  to 4 Div.

I was demobbed in 1970 and worked for Plessey Telecomms until I was made redundant in 1976 (the factory closed).  I was on taxi's for 9 years then on various construction sites, building oil rigs, and pipe bridges but I had to finish in 1995 because of knees problems. I have had two total knee replacements since and am now registered as disabled. Married with two daughters and three grandsons.


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Pat Diviney (Shades of Blue)

I returned to Australia in 1968 and was demobbed a few months later in Western Australia. I worked for a freight forwarding company called Wards Express (now owned by Mayne Nickless). This job took me all over Australia and I resigned in 1975 when I held position as Manager of Victoria & Tasmania; I returned to Western Australia and worked for Wormalds Security as Manager of Safe & Vault section.

In 1970 I married. I have two lovely daughters to this marriage which finished in 1980. My eldest daughter Karina, who is now 33 has given me a grandson, Dakotah who is now 7. Karina was married the other day, on Sunday 27th June in Massachutas, USA. My youngest daughter, Belinda (30)lives in Perth and flew over to be her bridesmaid. During all this time I continued as a musician on a part time basis, playing in various bands and duos. In 1983 I decided to be a musician full time. First in a duo and then as a pianist playing small clubs and lounges. I remarried in 1984 am still married. I have two cats, a house in Morley with a swimming pool and a BBQ. At present my wife, Judi, and myself operate a small second hand compact disc business in Perth.


Ken Mackenzie

Like 99% of all Oz Alpha Troopers, I went to Vietnam following 208. Stayed on in the 'green machine' and moved up the ranks. Had a number of WO1/RSM appointments in and out of R.A.Sigs. Back into SE Asia several more times. Commissioned in '87, made Major in '91. Spent '92/93 in Cambodia with the UN. Retired 24 Dec 01 after clocking up 38.5 years. Headhunted back in to Defence in early '02. Now reside in the outer eastern 'burbs of Australia's cultural capital, Melbourne

Tom Lindsay (Bravo)

Left 208 in 1969 and spent my last two army years in Bulford.

Emigrated to Australia in 1971 and served 20 years in Dept of Foreign Affairs. Postings to India, UK?, France, Germany and Belgium. Over a 10 year period as a Diplomatic Courier travelled to most of Australia's Embassies overseas. Finally settled here in Canberra and now working part-time.

Married since 1971 with two daughters and five grandchildren all of whom support Australia's sporting teams rather than Scotland's. Very strange!


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Tony Ratcliffe

Left 208 for demob Feb 1968. Started work at British Ship Research Ass. as Laboratory Ass and then Laboratory Tech from  Sept. 1968. Redundant Nov. 1988. Short Contracts Unemployment until 1997 then Calibrated smoke detectors for 16 months. Unemploment until last year when I changed it's name to retirement.

Moved to the country 3 years ago, luckily got married 30 months ago, and now, except for electronic reminders of my miss-spent youth, living happily ever after.  RIP


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John Darling

Returned to Australia October 1967.

Discharged from Army January 1968. Worked for Telecom until August 1968, then joined the RAAF. Worked until 1977 as a RAAF telegraphist, then re-mustered (changed job) to radio technician (re-trained). Worked as technician in communications until 1981, when I underwent training as a Calibration Technician and began working in the RAAF's Calibration Laboratory system.  Retired from the RAAF in 1988 after a total of just under 26 years' service.  Joined the Queensland government Department of  Mines (now called Natural Resources, Mines & Energy) in 1988, working in calibration and mining safety testing projects for the department's Safety in Mines Testing & Research Station (called SIMTARS for short) at Redbank just west of Brisbane. Still working there but expect to be retiring before too much longer.

 I got married in April 1969, have two children (son & daughter) and a total of 7 grandchildren.  


Ernie (Soapy) Hudson

I left 208 Mar/Apr 68, went to 206 Sigs Barnard Castle,then on to 633 Sig Troop in Belize, British Honduras 1970, then to 3 Div Sigs 71.

Married in 71, De-mob in 73, came to Aussie in 73, have one Daughter. Have worked in an Alumina Refinery in Laboratory as a Project Analyst for close to 31 years, took voluntary redundancy on 31st Dec 2003, and retired.


Doreen Judd


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Colin (Doc) Judd

I left 208 to serve in Vietnam with AATTV, then returned to 208, made WO2 training the troops in Canungra at the jungle trg centre, then ssm 139 Sig Sqn, then to OCS Portsea as asst instr in defence and attack, made WO1 at the Senior NCO academy in Singleton, took discharge in 76, moved to the Gold Coast and tried to find employment, had various jobs including one that got me into trouble with the govt of the day.

So moved to Rhodes and Turkey for 2 years until things cooled down, returned and got on with life, worked various jobs, sales rep. security, limo driver, unable to continue working I applied for and received the Service pension, when the powers that be read my history I was eventually awarded the TPI pension, my wife and I have travelled extensively, until the present time when we are both too fragile to travel the length of the Gold Coast. RIP



Ray Petrie

I left 208 (543 NZ Sig Tp) in June 1966. Served in 7 Sigs Herford till demob in 1968. I had a few years in the TA,  Lancastrian Volunteers, as a DI.

Had a few jobs in and around my home town Manchester, then went back to College and eventually ended up at Vauxhall Motors in Ellesmere Port as a Telephone Engineer. I left VM in 1993 through ill health, later I had a couple of heart attacks which resulted in me having a 5 way By-Pass and was declared Disabled.

I officially retire in July. I now live in the High Peak district in Derbyshire, where I can be seen 3 or 4 times a week trekking along the Longdendale Valley with a few more Coffin Dodgers in tow. I like to spend at least a couple of months (in the winter) on the Costa Del Sol, where as a Radio Ham I can speak to lots of Ex servicemen all around the world. My Call-Sign is G0sll.


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Martin (Scouse) Ratia

Enjoyed 1962-1965 at 208, then a ‘double stint’ at 2 Div Sigs, Bunde (BAOR) and finally demobbed 1970 (would have extended but they kept ‘misplacing’ my transfer to the paras so I’d continue running the camp radio shack, but I was getting bored!).

Worked at British Telecom in London and started skydiving near Peterborough, then migrated to Australia in 1974 for more sunshine!  Took an 18 months ‘sabbatical’ to work in Saudi Arabia then visit family and skydive in UK and South Africa, 1977/78; then back downunder for more skydiving.

Finally decided to grow up(!) and relocated to Sydney in 1980 for a "real" career in corporate communication & public affairs, and gave up skydiving in 1984. Travelled extensively in Asia until 2003 when celebrated turning 60 by marrying Linh and taking early retirement.

Nearly 20 years later we’re still skipping between Australia and Vietnam, but timing now governed by school holidays for our niece Minh Anh (“Sunny”) since we became legal guardians when her dad, Linh’s brother, died in 2017.

All welcome to drop by for a few coldies in Sydney or Vung Tau (coastal resort 2 hours east of Saigon/Ho Chi Minh City) – just contact first to make sure we’ll be home!


Doug Friend (Bravo)

Left 208 in 1968 for 30 Sigs Blandford, followed by various postings Catterick, Cyprus, Shape. Came out in 1978, joined the prison service and served 25 years with young offenders in Leicestershire, retired 2003 as principal officer and was honoured to have received the MBE from the Queen In Nov 2003. Married now for almost 45 years to Rosemary and now two granddaughters. Now out to grass in retirement.


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Dave Dunne (J Troop)

After I left 208 I spent 5 years at 5 Sig. Regiment in Sydney, rose to the dizzy heights of Sergeant. Posted to South Vietnam for 12 months, returned to Australia and took my discharge.

Worked at numerous jobs for a couple of years then joined the Queensland Prison Service.went from Prison Officer to Manager of Security at the maximum security prison in Brisbane.  Did 21 years all up and took a redundancy package in 1993. I then bought a delivery run in the vehicle spare parts industry worked for 7 years in semi retirement then gave work away at age 55.

I now live just north of Bundaberg, Queensland at a little seaside village called Moore Park. I have two sons, the eldest is a Lt. Commander in the RAN, the other fellow has just given up a career as a Captain in the Merchant Navy to become a Police Officer. I am at present the President of the Bundaberg and District Sub-Branch of the Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia as well as a Pensions Officer.


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Ray Mackenzie

I joined up in 1966 for a six year hitch. Followed my brother Ken over to Malaya in 1968 and had two of the best years ever. From there I went to 110 Sig Sqn Vietnam, in 1970.

Left the Army in '72 and did a number of different things over the years. I'm now retired and live in North Dakota, USA with wife Connie,  son Lance and daughter Michelle.


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Lynn (Lee) Burgess

After 208/543, 3 years at 2 Div Bunde BAOR, and 2 years at 244 Sigs RAF Tangmere & RAF Benson.

Came to Oz in June 1972, and after a few months doing what I call "cabbage" jobs (selling soft drinks, building Holden motor cars, and the like), I landed a job with Honeywell as a computer engineer. It is now 2004 and I am still in the computer industry.

We have moved about a bit while in Oz- 10 years in Adelaide, 6 years in Melbourne, a year in Sydney, back to Melb for 3 years, back Syd for 2, and then back to Melb for 10years, now back in Adelaide, where life in Oz started.

After a short but fantastic short time in the army, I was a little apprehensive about 'civvy street', but, for the most part life after the army has been a fantastic experience and I wouldn't have missed any of it.


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Meg Burgess

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Dave Lelo

After leaving 208 in 1967, we spent six months in Fiji  visiting Dave's family. We  then we moved to New Zealand and after a couple of jobs, decided to start our own flooring business. In 1978 we went back to the UK, for Wendy to study, and in 1984 we returned to the land of the long white cloud, and continue in business to this day. Have made several trips back to the UK. We have four children, three boys and a girl, and five grandchildren.


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Wendy Lelo

Rich Squire

I left 208 in July 1967 returning to Australia on the SS Malaysia arriving at Sydney then travelling by train to Watsonia Barracks, Victoria. Left there in   November 1967 and went to Forster NSW on leave until January 1968 when I was discharged.

I went in to the Motel business with my family at Forster. In 1968 I opened a restaurant attached to the Motel in 1969. I worked as a Pest Control Operator from 1972 till June 1973 when I joined Qantas as a steward. I lived in Sydney until February 1981 and then I was based in London until March 1982. I then returned to Sydney. Moved to Smith's Lake NSW (near Forster) in 1984, married September 1996. Retired from Qantas November 1997 and returned to UK for 2 months. Moved to Queensland end of 1999 and divorced 2000. I am moving to Cobram, Victoria in December 2004/January 2005. After five and a half years, two in litigation with my retirement village,

I sold up, bought a 5th wheeler and spent seven months on the road, I bought a 1941 model house in Stanthorpe Queensland in the beginning of 2005, I met my wife Sue April 2005 at a van rally in Victoria, and we married April 2006. We spend between three and seven months of the year travelling around Aus., and when at home are renovating the house. Next year should see it finished, unless we get a better offer, like three weeks in Hawaii in December 2013. Diagnosed with malignant melanoma in August 2010, two operations and many scans later, and I am still going strong, having to much fun to stop just yet. 2014 here we come.


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Jimmy (Jock) Campbell

After getting out of the army in  1969  I left Australia and went to the old dart and the U S for awhile. I then messed about with various jobs in Australia and kept playing football. The only  guys I caught up with were J. Plummer and J. Maguire but I have lost contact with them in the 1970's. I saw Bob Benzie when Jeff Tiddeman came to visit me which Jeff did a couple of times.

I married Noleen in 1975 and we have 4 children and  we are still happily married and the 4 kids are still in the nest so we must be doing something wrong. I bought taxi in Adelaide in 1978 and I am still operating the cab as an owner driver. Noleen has good job as a medical secretary so we are doing alright. In the last few years we have visited the Tiddeman's in Bognor and have been on holidays with them in France and Florida. I am still a bit of fitness freak, we ride bikes and do hill walking. I also play football in a masters competition. I am still a big movie fan and go every week.


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Tony Elford

Returned to Australia  June 1967 – had op on right knee and discharged in 1968 unfit for active service. Worked in sawmill and also did truck driving till November 1968 when joined Queensland Police Force. In 1971 I transferred to the Australian Federal Police and served in that Force till I was retired medically unfit due to knee, hip and back problems. Have had total left hip and total right knee replacements and due for left knee job soon. Was made TPI in 2003. Married in 1968, have daughter and son and twin grandsons. Live with wife Kay in Hervey Bay, Queensland.


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Pete Tapsell

When I left Malaya Sammy Rollings suggested I went for the SAS. I did that and got through the pre selection for R Sigs people. There were 30 of us, at the end of 3 weeks two us of got through. We had a week off then down to Hereford for the main 5 month selection. We were a mixed bag of 187 souls from all arms and countries. To cut a long story short, at the end of the 5 months, there was 5 of us left. In the interim I had been dating a girl since returning from Malaya who told me she was was pregnant So after much soul searching I left and did not continue on, got married and settled down in 2 Div in Bunde. The regiment contacted me a year later and asked me to go back into 264 SAS Sig Sqn for a year then just complete endurance week again and then I could be badged. However, I was committed to bringing up my daughter. I was due to be commissioned in 1987 but decided to come out.

You need to read my book, the rest of the story is in there. Anyway, after a long period of depression after my first wife left I met another lady. 18 months later were got married but that didn't work out either and she left in 1997 to be on her own. We are the best of friends even today. I lived then for 5 years on my own until I met the woman of my dreams in Tenerife. We have been together now for 16 months and every day just gets better. It was worth the wait in the end to meet the perfect woman.

Back to the army side of things. I did two more tours in the far east, namely Hong Kong. I did secondments with the Australian army in Darwin and the NZ army for 3 months. I then got selected for my YofS course at Blandford and went from Cpl to WO1 in 5 years and a commission. I came out in 1988 and joined the Territorial Army as a Captain and spent a great 9 years with them travelling all over the world shooting. I retired from there 3 years ago.

I had a number of jobs in the commercial environment as a Project Manager but started my own company in 2001 and never looked back. I have just completed my Masters course in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy and Master Hypnotherapy. I am now setting up my own practice to help others and the same time make a shed load of money. Life is good, I have a beautiful home, a great family and friends and each day just keeps getting better. It is my turn.


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Colin (Bluey) Gould

Left 208 Sigs June 66, went to 104 Sigs Sqn Brisbane until April 68, which included 12 months SVN. Joined 126 Sig Sqn (SF) from April 68 to 78, which included 6 months in Cambodia(Aust Embassy), 12 months Singapore, and various side trips to NZ,  New Guinea etc. 3.5 years in Washington DC. on Defence Staff. Lived in Maryland, moved back to Melbourne 81 for 1 yr, then posted Officer i/c Townsville Troop 4 Sig Regt. until Dec 84, then to Canberra Staff/Project Work, retired May 1987 WO1, 25 yrs service.


blueygould.jpg (55684 bytes)

Jim Howe

After leaving 208 in 68 went to 30 Sigs Blandford, detached to Cyprus, went on to 255 Signal Squadron Bahrain and finally 14 Sigs Worcester where I finally got demobbed in 71.

Happily married to Linda since 1969 and have two sons and one lovely grand-daughter. Since leaving the army I retrained as a radio TV and Electronics engineer and worked for a national rental company as an engineer and eventually service manager. Was made redundant in 1990 and got a job at Newcastle College as an electronics technician, now employed at the College as I.T support engineer.

Took up Martial Arts (Tae Kwon Do) in the late seventies got my black belt then trained fought and taught for the next twenty years (my son John was twice a British junior champion but then discovered woman and drink). Now just looking forward to retirement.


jimhowe copy.jpg (53554 bytes)

Ken Barr

I left Malaya in August 1967 after finishing National Service.

I returned home to to Ayr in Northern Queensland and continued working with the Electricity Authority. I married my childhood sweetheart Jacky in 1968 and we had 3 children. However our eldest child Janine was killed in a car accident in 1993, 2 weeks after her 21st birthday. Our 2 boys Kristin aged 30 and Eden aged 20 are both involved in I.T. In 2000 Jacky had a car accident and was badly injured but she has since made a remarkable recovery. I have also since been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. We are both retired now and are enjoying renewing our friendship with  friends from 208 Signal Squadron.


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Andy Anderson

I returned home from Malaya in July 1967 and posted to 139 Sig Sqn. In March 1968 I was posted to 104 Signal Squadron in Vietnam. On my return from Vietnam in 1969 I was discharged from the Army.

I began work with the Post Master General’s Department but after a couple of years I got sick of the bureaucracy and bullshit and went to work with the Mount Newman Mining in W.A. I moved back home to Queensland after 3 years in WA and worked in sand mining on Stradbrooke Island for 2 years. I then moved to Home Hill in North Qld, where my father lived, and worked in the sugar industry for another 3 years. I then moved south to Toowoomba to work with an old mate in a new business he started up repairing trucks and earth moving equipment. After 4 years with him I started my own business doing "on property" repairs on just about everything you find on big farming and pastoral properties.

Following an accident in 1996 I gave up working and in 1997 retired to Hervey Bay in Qld, just next door to Fraser Island, where we still live. In 1969 I married my wife Pauline. We have 3 sons, 2 are Phys.Ed teachers and the other is an Op Sig in the RAAF. We have one grand daughter and expecting another in February 2005. We spend 3 to 4 months each year travelling around different areas of Australia in a caravan, sight seeing and fossicking for gemstones, a hobby we’ve started since retiring


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Bob Blackbourne

I left 208 in the august of 1966 went to Sydney and was then posted to 104 Signal Squadron but this was rescinded to a cmf unit.  I served out my remaining service (18 months) at  Lidcombe.

I then married had 3 wonderful kids and now have 2 grandchildren who I see as often as possible.  After leaving the army I tried various self employment ventures, sold them off and bought a house on the northern beaches of Sydney. I then tried being a good employee finishing up as Admin Officer at the Royal North Shore hospital but I got sick of the internal office politics.  Then I went into business as a scrap metal recylcer both precious and non ferrous.  I retired 5 years ago with the help of GST (I think that is VAT) which puts paid to a lot of cash businesses. After retirement and divorce I moved up to the Sunshine Coast Hinterland and I still enjoy life here maintaining good contact with my family who are spread all over the place. I also now keep up with the friends I made at 208. RIP


bob.jpg (28133 bytes)

Gordon Munn

gordonmunntn.jpg (47606 bytes)

Bob Benzie

After the army had a go at a few things like Flight Service,  Coast Radio for OTC , Customs, then mainly as an operator for firms such as Shell, CSR, ACI . In power stations in NSW ,Tas. and QLD ( private QLD Nickel) as head shift operator for a Japanese experimental plant to turn coal into oil. Operator at the HIFAR nuclear reactor Lucas Heights , shift engineer at a paper mill in Tas. and ran waste/water system for a town in Snowy Mountains . Then became the operator for a water treatment plant.


bobbenzie.jpg (57660 bytes)

Barrie Mullins

After I left 208 I went to 10 Signal Regt at Hounslow and had a job driving a Lt Col (TA) around London for the next 6 months. I then did 4 years with the Reserves and, all told, I did 12 years with the corps. I am now retired and live a good life beside the seaside at Clacton-on-Sea, Essex. I was with 208 from 1961 to 65.


barriemullin.jpg (61862 bytes)

Bernie Binge

I was twice posted to Malaysia. First - October 1957 to October 1958 with 28 (Commonwealth) Indep. Inf. Bde Sig Squadron at Taiping. Was medevac back to Australia with meningitis. My second tour was from Jan 1964 to Jan 1966 - Cpl "J" Troop DVR/D.R. Indonesian Confrontation. After 208 was sent to Vung Tau South Vietnam - 145 Signal Squadron - Sgt. I believe that only myself and Sig. C.B. Judd (later Sgt) served additional tours in the squadron. In fact, Sgt. Judd served 3 tours. As far as can be determined I may be the only one to have been awarded the GSM w/clasp "Malaya" and the GSM 1962 w/clasp "Malay Peninsula" for service with this unit in the Australian Signal Corps. When discharged from the Army in September 1975 I was WO 11. RIP


bernie.jpg (46753 bytes)

John Brierty

I left 208 in 1968..posted to 6 Sig Regt Victoria...was Chief Rigger on the 1972 I was posted to 2 Sig Regt in Admin as SSM...Left Army in 1978.

Worked for the Waterboard for 11 Years..Retired...Toured around Australia and various parts of the world. I looked after my wife  Isabel for six years till she passed away in 2002.  I became quite sick and am now confined to a wheelchair in the Aged Care Centre in Halls Head, Mandurah.WA.

Sadly John died on the  14th November 2004 shortly after Ernie went to see him and took this photo. The funeral was held at Karrakatta Cemetery on the 19th November. Ernie attended along with Avis and Brian. RIP



john brierty.jpg (58963 bytes)

Nigel (John) Waring

jwaringtnow copy.jpg (27517 bytes)

Mary Waring

marytnow copy.jpg (20966 bytes)

Mick Didsman

mickdidsman.jpg (53668 bytes)

Val Didsman

val.jpg (29499 bytes)

Phil Marshall

I was at 208 from 1962 to 1963. After I left there I went to 209 Signal Squadron, Colchester where I was from 1964 to 1966. I then went on to 39 Brigade Northern Ireland where I stayed until my discharge in January 1969.


philmarshall.jpg (41006 bytes)

Brian Fisher

Posted to 208 May 63 to May 65 as Aust Cpl Clerk in the orderly room.  UK Sgt (Dinga) Bell was the chief clerk. Returned to Aust in May 65 and posted to 1 Sig Regt at Ingleburn NSW. Was involved in the despatch of 103 Sig Sqn to South Vietnam and was promoted to Sgt whilst at 1 Sig Regt.  Posted to 139 Sig Sqn in 1970 as the Squadron Sgt Major (WO2) and on to 104 Sig Sqn South Vietnam in Jan 71. I returned the Ingleburn with the advance party of 104 Sig Sqn in late '71 and remained with that unit until being posted to the School of Signals, Watsonia, Victoria as Wing Sgt Major of Technician Training Wing. On promotion to WO1 I was posted to the Warrant Officers Promotion Course Design Staff and later to the Land Warfare Centre to conduct the first couple of course as an Instructor. In late 1977 I was posted to the School of Signals as WO1 RSM and retired in late 1979 after 20 years service and not being able to accept the future postings on offer.  I thoroughly enjoyed Malaysia particularly the go cart trips with Bob Blackbourne, Ken Johnson and Bill Maclachlan and the friendship between R.Sigs/R.A. Sigs.


brianfisher.jpg (27637 bytes)

Tim O'Brien (Royal Pioneer Corps)

CAD Kineton until 1972. Barnard Castle (Stainton Grove) until 1974 - ish. Topcliffe until 1976 - ish. CAD Kineton again until 1978 when he was discharged. Moved to Rugby in Warwickshire.

He worked for GEC plus some other jobs he hated. Then got involved in the building trade as a Piling (groundwork) operator and became a Supervisor. Travelling and staying all over the country - loved it, it suited the gypsy in him. Gave up after Mum got sick (stomach cancer) in 2000 until 2002. He died aged 65 in 2002. RIP


Dinah (Diane) O'Brien  

  Diane died in 2002 RIP


Brian Wigley

I arrived at 208 signals in March 1964, was with J troop  supervisor D.Rs. until Bernie  Binge took over on his  promotion to Cpl, at this time I was posted to SHQ. in  M.T. Office  making sure that all the vehicles were kept  serviced and in  good  order, I was in that job until March  1966 when I was  posted to 18 Signal Regiment  Singapore. Although I was with 18 Signals all  of  my  work was  carried out  at G.H.Q. Tangling in  the Signals Dispatch Office on a  four shift system.  On completion of my  tour of duty in the Far  East, I was  posted back to Catterick to join the motorcycle display team, I think  that  they thought that I  was a bit  long in the tooth and a detachment order came in for me to  go  on detachment to Stanford  Practical  Training Area, To teach cadets to ride motorcycles. After that job was finished  I was sent  to the  driver training section of 24 Signal  Regiment  teaching basic convoy and  cross  country  driving. I also had to teach in a  classroom  for  the theory.

After leaving the army I worked as a  heavy goods driver for a  while,  then a  bus driver until my  chance came to train as a contractors plant maintenance and  repair  engineer. After  completing the training I  was a  fork  lift  engineer, with spells as a lawn mower repair man, a  light  aircraft engineer, then  back  to fork lifts until I retired.   


brianwigley.jpg (49842 bytes)

Martin Bienvenu

Cypher Corporal in J Troop from April 1963 to November 1965. It was my first posting. I was single and very green. Best mates: Terry Windsor, Chick Hanks, and Paul Lyon. I specially remember J Troop linemen Alfie Alford, Whacky Ward and Willy Williams. Reg Elder (Lt R Aust Sigs) was OC J Troop when I arrived.

Served 22 years retiring as S/Sgt in 1983; married Jean in 1979;  Found an aptitude for accounts work when made Mess Treasurer, and became a book-keeper on leaving the army. Returned to Guernsey in 1989. Since June 2004 either retired or on a sabbatical: don’t know which. 


martinbienvenu.jpg (49015 bytes)

Brian Willis

brianwillis.jpg (45205 bytes)

Allan Sixsmith



allan.jpg (71744 bytes)

Sandy (Sixsmith) Prince





sandy.jpg (61559 bytes)

Paul Green

Paul.jpg (28215 bytes)

Brian (Scouse) Higginson

When I left 208 in 1970 I went to 16 Signal Regiment in Germany,  Belgium and then on to Northern Ireland. I did my last posting in 1 Div, Verden.

I left the sigs in 1978 and was in the Ulster Defence Regiment for 3 years 1982-85 in Northern Ireland. I now live in Cheshire and am a PC engineer. I have been married for  30 years this year and I have two  sons and the younger is in Royal Engineers.


scousehigg.jpg (24180 bytes)

Tony Potter

I served from 1952 to 1970 in Catterick, Korea, Malaya, Cyprus, Paris, BAOR, Training Brigade and  Army Recruiter. I now live in Catterick. I was in Korea with 208 and Malaya (Taiping) where I was Brigade MT Sgt.


tonythen.jpg (61873 bytes)

George Dryborough

I spent my last few weeks in Terendak in the Military Hospital after a 40ft fall from a pipeline over a valley in the camp {taking a short cut} and impaled myself in several places on the stumps that were left of freshly cut bamboo trees. They were pulling stuff out of me for weeks before I was discharged.

I left Terendak 1967, Fred Thompson told me I was off to Lisbon, Portugal, but Fred was stretching the truth, ‘just a little’, and I was headed for Lisburn, N. Ireland. I arrived just two days before Christmas and I was still having problems with my left leg, although it was painful, I did not know it at the time, but I was still carrying a piece of bamboo 3 inches long inside my thigh. X rays failed to pick it up and it took until the end of January 1968 and three operations for the surgeon to find it. I still have it today in a sealed bottle, my souvenir of Malaya. I then joined my unit, 39 Inf Brigade, and just as I was getting used to the Guinness I was sent off to Libya, however Col Gadafi did not like it and we were asked to leave. Back to N. Ireland and then ‘The Trouble's as they were affectionately known, started. Prior to this flare up you could have been sitting drinking with IRA members, as they would casually tell you when they asked ‘what are you drinking’, they were just a joke at that time in the early days. It did not take long however before we stopped buying each other drinks, and the rest is history. But ‘Fred, I have the last laugh, I met my wife in Ireland and we’ve been together now for 37 years, cheers mate. I left N. Ireland in 1971, for 2 div in Bunde BAOR, where I enjoyed many a ‘Half Litre’ And quite a few Bratwurst mit pomfrits.

Bumped into Len Tewksbury, Pete Tarrant and Tony Springer again, all in different parts of Germany. But the biggest surprise was meeting up with Lt Smith of the Australian Sigs, I think he married a Brit nurse in Terendak. He was over in Germany 13 Sigs on an exchange visit. In 1975/6 I left Germany for 11 Signal Regiment, after having found out that I had a flair for Military Training, weapons instructor, and spent the rest of my time training recruits.

 I left the Army in 1979 and started work with Michell Bearings, the Marine Division of Vickers Armstrong. I ended up selling spares for large bearings to companies all over the world, one of my customers being the Australian Navy. I spent 20 good years there until redundancy caught me out in 1999. I now work for the Inland Revenue, maybe I should have kept that to myself. Would I change anything? No not really, although if I were offered a second tour of Malaya it might tempt me.


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Geoff Southby

I was sent back to Australia in June 66 by the Medical people. For the next 12 months I was at Keswick Barracks in Adelaide while the Medics tried to figure out what the problem was (They never did). Eventually I was cleared and posted to 6 Signals Regt in Melbourne and was sent to the outstations at Rock Bank and Diggers Rest.

 In May 1968 I was discharged from the Army in Adelaide and began a 23 year stretch with the P.M.G. Dept. I started in the Radio Communication Installation Section installing Radio Telephones on remote sites in the Northern Territories and Broadband Links throughout South Australia. Later I transferred to the telephone installation section.

In 1969 I married Christine and we have two daughters. In 1991 I left Telecom and worked for a number of years with a Welfare Organization. Later Christine and I ran a Coffee Shop for a number of years but we had to give it up due to my health problems.  I retired in March 2002. Recently I  have obtained my amatuer radio license so I am busy setting up the gear.


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John MacPhail

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Barbara MacPhail

I am in touch with Barbara quite regularly and she has no idea where John is. None of them have heard from him since about 1970.


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Paul Crick-Lyon

I left 208 Sig Sqn on my discharge from the British Army in Malaysia.  Jun 1965.  A few weeks after my discharge, newly married to my wife Elsie, who I had met whilst she was nursing at Malacca General Hospital some 18 months earlier.   I boarded the P & O Liner SS Himalaya in Singapore, and travelled to Australia.

On my arrival in Australia, I found myself completely broke.  Between my new wife and myself we had 5 shillings.  Fortunately whilst I had been in the Army, my parents had emigrated and settled in Goulburn in NSW.  They met us at Circular Quay, Sydney. (right between the famous bridge, and the almost completed Opera house.)  We went to live with my parents in Goulburn and within 1 week both of us had secured employment. Ten months later my first child was born. Tanya my eldest daughter is now living in Melbourne.  She has 2 university degrees one of which is a Masters degree.  She gave birth to my first (and so far only grandchild,) on Mar 3 2005. My younger daughter, Julia, was born 13 years later.  ( I think my wife and I lost the baby recipe.) By this time I had been through many civilian employments.  Non of which I ever felt comfortable with.

So in 1977 I joined the RAAF.  I trained as a photographer (this had always been my hobby).  I spent the next 21 years in the RAAF revisiting Malaysia for 2 years in 1984 -1986. I tried on several occasions whilst there at this time to return to Terendak to see if it were real and not just a dream that I had experienced.  But even though I managed on one occasion to get past the front gate;  I was in RAAF uniform.  I was severely restricted as to where I could go.  So the result was that I didn’t get to see any of my old quarters and the compound where 208 Sig Sqn was sited. As my wife has a large family in Malaysia I have been back there many times. I find it sad to see how the lovely rural landscapes of paddy fields have given way to acre after acre of identical housing developments.  But I suppose the Malaysians see it through different eyes. I now am self employed and semi-retired.   I work as a Driving Instructor, just a few days a week. The rest of the time I go sailing in yachts owned by millionaires who need qualified ocean going skippers. That’s me.


Terry Poingdestre

Left 208 in October  1968. Joined 30 Sig Regt 15 December 1968. After visits to Germany, Greece & Norway with AMF(L) posted to the Sig Sqn at 7 Amd Bde Saltau in Germany in February  1972.

After one year I decided I had had enough and resigned in January 1973. Worked in Germany as a driver for 18 months.  Came back home and after various jobs and a year in Saudi Arabia. Worked for the MOD from Nov 1981 till retirement in December 2003.


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Dave Larkman

Arrived at 208 August 1963 along with Graham Keogh and Ron Spree.  I was right out of the apprentice school while Ron and Graham had just finished at the Junior Leaders school.  Ron and Graham just 18, myself 20.  On arrival was posted to Hong Kong, but at the last minute posting was revoked and I went instead to 543 Signal troop attached to 1 RNZ. Actually billeted with 208 but worked over at the Kiwis and went on exercise with them and to Borneo for six months as well as on other little jaunts in Malaya. While the Kiwis chased Indonesians I repaired headsets and sent all the radios to get repaired at the REME base!! What a waste of all that technical training at Harrogate.  Left Malaya in December of 65, after getting posting shortened from 3 years to two and a half years.

Posted to Bovingdon Camp in Dorset to the Tanks signals school. Booted out of there when the REME took over.  Posted to Barton Stacey near Winchester about six months after arriving at Bovingdon, attached to the REME who were attached to the artillery.  Went to Catterick on my TI in 67, stayed there as an instructor until I was de-mobbed in July of 1970. Made Sgt just after finishing T1. While at Bovingdon and Barton Stacey went to Bournemouth Tech and got my final City and Guilds, then at Catterick went to Darlington Tech and Middlesbrough Poly and got a HNC and A3's. Eventually took CEI part 2 at Hull Poly and became a chartered engineer and MIERE.

On the strength of this got a job at British Aerospace near Hull as an electronic design engineer. Designed analog and digital stuff for flight test programs for a few years. Had a short spell at Fords (their research center) then came back to BAE and did a lot of digital design involving 1553 (Mil Avionics Bus). Lived happily in the village of South Cave while working at BAE. Came to the US in 1981 to work for Boeing in Seattle as a contract SW engineer-I had Z80 on my resume-wrote SW for flight control computers.  Eventually became a supervisor and worked my way up.  Worked for the same organization in Boeing all the time I was there, they designed and built all the Boeing built avionics.  Eventually became the engineering manager of the organization, an executive position. Spent my last year commuting to Dallas TX (where we had a factory that made all of our stuff) from Portland Oregon.

Took early retirement in 2001 just before 9/11.  Retired to White Salmon WA in the Columbia River Gorge 60 miles east of Portland OR.  Organization that I worked for in Boeing recently sold to BAE (full circle) Currently spending my time finishing an unfinished house that we bought (almost as stupid as joining the army at 16-I will never learn).  Now skilled in all trades especially crown molding and plumbing after serving many indentured apprenticeships.  When I am not working on the house or yard, windsurf in the summer (the Gorge is a top notch windsurfing spot) and snowboard in the winter Mt Hood.

Married in 68 to Jean (still married to her).  Two daughters Victoria (31) and Katie 30, both live within a mile of us. Victoria has two daughters age 2 and 2 months, she is a Physicians Assistant (which in the US is almost the same as a Doctor, they see patients and prescribe drugs). Katie runs a small business of her own, is a nursing assistant and in September is going to nursing school for two years.


Terry Winsor

After 208 and 18 Sigs I was posted to 206 Sig Sqn at Munster Germany (6 Inf Brigade), where after a couple of years the Brigade was moved back to the UK due to the defence cuts.  Our unit was sent to Barnard Castle, Co. Durham, and  it was here that I applied for a secondment  to the Trucial Oman Scouts and was accepted. The Trucial Oman is now the United Arab Emirates. I had 2 and years in the TOS after which I was posted to 10 Sigs, Hounslow where I worked in the MOD and Horse Guards Parade, I was promoted Sgt in 1970 and posted to 14 Sigs Worcester. This was a great posting for a single man which I still was, as we did signal exercises and detachments all over the world with a radio set called the E21, it was the onset of digital and computer communications and as a Detachment Sgt it was my job to arrange flights, rations, accommodation  ETC,  which was a far cry from being a Cipher Op. We went to Norway, Italy, Kenya, Bahamas and many more places, as I said, a great posting. It was at Worcester that I met Fran a nursing sister at the local hospital. In 1977 we were again hit by more defence cuts, this time we were to amalgamate with 30 Sigs at Blandford. It was then that I asked Fran to marry me because it meant a move  down to Blandford and she said yes.  We got married down in Cornwall where Fran  comes from. Having been married for 2 weeks and just moved into quarters, I had an emergency active service posting to Belize for 6 months. With my time coming to an end in Belize I applied for a secondment to the Gurkhas and got my next posting to Hong Kong. Fran and I arrived in Hong Kong in 1977 and in 1978 our daughter, Charlotte was born, (if you look on the back of her neck it says ‘Made in Hong Kong’).  I had a short unaccompanied detachment to Brunei and we had a family R&R holiday in Penang. In 1980 I was posted to 22 Sigs, Lippstadt, Germany. My last 6 months was done at a TA Unit in Bristol.

 I left the Army in 1984 and moved down to Cornwall  where Fran had a small cottage, we moved into that and I started working for myself as a painter and decorator. Things picked up and Fran got the job of manager of the local residential home and with my Army pension we were able to sell the cottage and buy a bungalow in the same village which we are in today. Charlotte went to University and is  now working as a travel consulate  in Preston where she now lives. The village is OK it has got a nice little pub where I go most evenings at knocking off time for a few jars and put the world to rights with the other lads(?) who call in after work. It’s then home at 1900 hrs (approx) for dinner, TV and bed. A sedate life compared to the Army. 


Gerry Hardware

I was 22537972 Sig Hardware G Taiping Troop, OCLF Sig Sqn att 28 Comwel Indep Inf Bde & Sig Sqn. During the month of June 1957 I was posted from Malaya Command Sig Sqn KL to 28 Bde Taiping on temp attachment. I stayed in Taiping until about May 1958. I worked in the Signal Office, working back to HQ Malaya Command. My shift supervisor was Sgt ‘Dusty’ Miller RASigs. Amongst those I called my friends were Cpl ‘Bluey’ Steele RASigs. Cpl ‘Snowy’ Adams RASigs, Sig ‘Gunner’ Gunning ex-jock and now RASigs and of course everyone’s friend Nancy in the telephone exchange. The Squadron OC was a Brit, known to all as “Tatty-ends”, the SSM was a Pom  ex Royal Signals RSM. Probably one of the best posting I had.


Barry Fleming 
Intelligence Corps

Jane and I left Malaysia for the last time in March 1968. I returned to the Intelligence Centre which, in my absence, some bright spark had moved from Maresfield in Sussex to Ashford in Kent. I wasn’t fooled. I phoned the Russian Embassy for directions. I then joined the Joint Services Interrogation Unit which in those days had a wide remit. Interrogation duties were our first priority including the training of prone-to-capture troops in Resistance to Interrogation, but we also provided the Intelligence Corps’ fire-fighting unit and, each man in turn, we were deployed to serve short spells in many parts of the world where there was a short-term need for Operational Intelligence and Security‘ skills’. I did not serve in any part of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, or in Europe. My deployments were always much further afield. The downside was that all our deployments were ‘unaccompanied’. In mid-1969 I had been pulled back from some interesting work in Anguilla because my CO had heard of my first son’s imminent arrival (coinciding with the first moon landing).

Times were a-changing and I didn’t much care for the 'nanny’ mentality that was creeping in (neither did Jane). My last posting was to Cyprus as the UNFICYP ‘Information’ (UN-speak for Intelligence) Officer based at UNFICYP HQ, just a few deafening yards from the end of Nicosia Airport runway and, on my return in March 1970, I left the Army to finish my studies in order to set up a Financial Services company which continues to pay the bills today. 


Jane Fleming

 On leaving the army, we first set up home near Durham but soon moved to Manchester where we stayed for over 20 years and where my main office remains today. We now live in Berkshire close to our three children and four grandchildren. Outside work and our family, our interests include research and writing (my first book on a WWI Battalion ‘is’ due out two years ago), travel of just about any kind, food and wine of just about any kind, and music of just about any kind. Jane and I, aka Wendy and Peter Pan, still enjoy the ‘60s stuff but not exclusively. We enjoy rowdy, mob-handed gatherings and holidays with family and friends, as well as many peaceful moments when, over a cold Tiger or two, we reflect on those happy, uncomplicated, days in the Far East.


Nigel (Niggie) Pilch

Left 208 (543 sig troop) June 1967. Posted 206 Signal squadron Munster Germany, but never made it, the squadron returned UK. Went to Barnard Castle till August 1968, returned to civvy street.

Married 1969 have three children and I remarried 1999 , now have total six children and  ten grandchildren. Have remained in Sales ( self-employed)  working for importers, have now got my own Christmas import company, with my youngest son. Looks like I shall be working till I am seventy. I am living in Colchester Essex


Eric (Taff) Thompson

After leaving 208 in November 1967 I was posted to 2 Sigs in Germany and met up with Ray Goddard and  Martin Ratia.  After what seemed like forever but was only about three and a half years, I was posted to 39 Inf Brigade in Northern Ireland.  That was a two year posting and towards the end of 1973 I left for the School of Signals in Blandford for my last nine months in the Army.

I was demobbed on 12th June 1974 and on the 13th I got a job!  I spent the next 12 years or so in the Chemical Industry and was then made redundant. After ten months out of work, in desperation I applied for a job at Cardiff University in the Security Department.  I didn't really want that particular job but anything was better than nothing and it was only going to be until I found something else.  I'm still there after almost 15 years!  With just over 6 years to go before retirement, I think I'll stay there.

 I met Sylvia, my wife, in 1971 and we married in 1972.  My daughter was born in 1975 and my son in1977.  Trish (my daughter) is an Audiologist and still looking for Mr Right but Mike (my son) is married with a son and daughter of his own. Sylv is a Staff nurse in the Royal Glamorgan Hospital in Llantrisant and runs the eye clinic. My hair (what's left of it) is not the same colour as it was but at least I don't have a paunch.  When I was out there I played for the Squadron rugby team, - Jim Hardy was our captain until his accident. I weighed in at 10st 10lbs.  I'm still 10st 10lbs now!  (mind you, in the '80s I dropped as low as 8st 9lbs)


Peter Drew

I left in Sept 1967 after doing 18 months ( I had already done 1 year with 266 Sig Sqn in Borneo) and was posted to 3 Div Sig Regt in England. It was there that my youngest daughter was born. In 1971, I was posted to 22 Sig Regt in Germany, where I served for 5 years before being demobbed with the rank of Sgt. It was at 22 Sigs that I served with Len Tewkesbury again......things were always interesting and great fun when he was around.

When I left the army in 1976, I settled in my home town of Deal (Kent) with my wife Rose and our three children. In 1993 , Rose died of cancer, just after our 30th wedding anniversary. In 1995, after vowing to be the oldest swinger in town, I met Pam and we married. We now have a combined family of 5 children and 12 grand children. I run a successful clothing business in Dover, and Pam runs the best Florist Shop in the area.


Mike (Max)  Bygrave

When I joined the Squadron from 18 Regiment in Singapore in August 1960 I was posted as 2 i/c A Tp which was in the capable hands of Capt John Wray NZ Signals. Troop Sgt was Ross Bennett  RA Signals. We moved lock stock and barrel to Fort George, which promptly became Bukit Terendak, in 1961. We had 7 Flight Army Air Corps flying Mk 9 Austers then and one of the pilots was Capt Mike Panton, R Signals. Yes, I did help to sail a yacht from Singapore to Malta by way of the Seychelles, Aden, and Suez in 1962 with Major Laurie Line R Signals who was a staff officer in GHQ FARELF. We also had Sgt Fred Orr with us. From 208 I went to Junior Leaders (Kohima Troop) for 3 years. Then to 28 Regt (Army Gp) where I served with my own Godfather, Major Freddie Oakes who was in the SAS during WW2, and that great Cornishman Major Dick Trelawney. During my time in Krefeld I was detached to take over 644 (UNFICYP) Troop in Nicosia for 6 months. My career came to an end with a Golden Bowler in 1968.


Gordon Firth

After we left 208 we were posted to Detmold in Germany, but the boredom (after having been in 208) nearly killed me so I binned the Signals in1970 and re-enlisted in my old regiment The Black Watch. We stayed with it all the way and my last posting was RSM at 8 CTT in Longmoor, Hampshire. I did the job for 2 years then took on an appointment as AA on the NRPS (non regular permanent staff ) until April 2005. So I was in uniform until then now we are very happily retired.

Our time with 208 played a very important time in our lives. Next year we're holidaying in Oz spending time in Perth, Adelaide and Bilambil Heights NSW with Ann's brother. If any of our old Aussie pals want to come and say hello we'll be pleased to see them.

What of our children? Andrew who is now 43 served in the RCT for 6 years then came out and is now working in transport management in Heathrow, living in Hampshire and is happily married with 2 boys aged 10 and 13. Julie who is 42 now also lives here in Hampshire with her husband Colin who works as a consultant electronics engineer for Nokia is a very busy housewife looking after her twin boys aged 14,and 2 girls aged 11 and 3.


Ann Firth

                                        Jim Wells

Jim left Malaya 19th October 1969 and was posted to 1 squadron 16 Signal Regt, Krefeld, where we stayed until Nov 1975,  His next posting was to York (Imphal Barracks), not sure what squadron he was with there. Left there 1977 posted to Army recruiting centres at Birkenhead and Liverpool and stayed until 1980. 

Then followed a posting to 22 Signal Regiment, Lippstatd, leaving there 1984 to go to Colchester, 19 Inf Bde HQ, his last posting, and where he was awarded the B.E.M in the Queens New Years Honours 1989.   We then moved to my home town of Denbigh, North Wales.

Jim died very suddenly of heart attack on the 9th September 2000. We have 4 children, Sarah now 36, Christopher 35, Wendy 31 and Ian 30.  He would have been 60 on the 16th February,  I am having a party at home to celebrate!  RIP


Tudor (Taff) Butler

My claim to fame in Terendak was My Camera, but I think I could be remembered, going on exercise with the unit (can't remember name of the exercise). All I remember is being told I could not wake up for my radio shift on Ex ???  But I do remember waking in BMH Singapore and being informed I had Malaria, and being accused of not taking my paludrine. So the medical personnel wrongly deduced that I should be charged for not taking my tablet daily. This I strongly disagreed with so they sent me back to Terendak to carry out testing of paludrine in my system. Guess what Paludrine did not show in my tests even after 2 weeks. So I stayed in BMH until my Malaria and tonsillitis was cured. Sob story finished. I arrived in Malaya from Bahrain late 1967. Left for Berlin 1970, and I got married in 1971. Sadly Wanda died in 1998. But during the 27 years we had together, we took 5 children (3 Girls 2 Boys) to Berlin, Soltau, 1 S.C.T. Belfast, 8 Sigs, Blandford, Echo troop (TA) Cardiff.

After 22 years I settled in Cardiff, rose to the rank of Assistant Security
Manager for David Morgan Dept Store, (The Welsh Version of Harrods), but the store closed in 2000. After a bout of throat cancer I was left with a husky voice (some say sexy). When I recovered sufficiently I went on to read gas & electricity meters. Due to health reasons I found I had better retire. That was my biggest mistake. I now spend a lot of time travelling and using SKYPE. Be happy to chat to anyone who remembers me.


Eric Elson

It was such a surprise to get your postcard and the website is fantastic. I don't seem to be able to put many names to faces yet  but I suppose it will come eventually.  When I left 208 Signal Squadron I was posted to 530 Signal Troop, Colchester, after which I left the army and moved to Basildon, Essex.

I went back to butchering  with J.H.Dewhurst Ltd.  After a few years I left and managed a restaurant until I retired. I now fill my days looking after grandchildren, going on holiday and caravanning,  who said getting old was boring? My wife Mary and I have 3 children. David who is married with 2 girls. He is Health and Safety officer with a large firm in Essex. Carol, who never married, works in a bank in London and is a  proper career girl, and Kevin who has 3 boys, is a computer engineer repairing computers around Essex.


Mary Elson

John Knowles

I joined the RAMC as a boy in 1958, and after serving in Catterick, London, Malaya, Berlin, Aldershot, Bournemouth as a recruiting Sgt, Cyprus, (Babs worked for 262 Sigs whilst we were there, and the Turks also invaded), then Rinteln, W Germany, and finally in Bristol with the TA as RQMS.

On leaving the army in 1981 I worked for Securicor for a while, and then employed as a supplies manager with BUPA in Norwich till the function was centralised and I was made redundant 9 months after I should have retired!! A nice one for me. I now have a part time job driving hearses & limo's for a local, very busy funeral director. Babs is working with the local health authority in the Learning Difficulties Team, also on a part time basis as a retirement job.  We both love travelling and jet off abroad at the slightest excuse. 


Hilbrand Tex Klap

Some of you might remember that I met and became engaged to a gorgeous English girl “Marty” in Singapore, She joined me in Australia in 1964 and we were married in Sydney that year.

After 3 years in UK ’66-’69 followed by 17 years in South Africa we finally returned to Australia and settled in Perth. With 3 kids and now 3 grand children, all resident in and around Perth, we are happily retired although I still perform some part time work for my old Company. Marty pursued and obtained a fine arts degree and is a practising painter and printmaker. My main hobbies are golf (h/cap 12) and singing. I perform at ‘over 55’ and retirement centres and my repertoire is based on the music from the 50’s and 60’s. I also “do” a mean Father Christmas.


Kenny Brabbins
Royal Artillery

I joined the Royal Artillery in 1964 seeing service in Malaysia, Singapore and Borneo. In 1966 I left Malaysia  & was posted to Shoeburyness until 1967. I was  then posted to Dortmund, Germany  from 1967 to 1972. Then I did a tour in Northern Ireland in 1971. I was demobbed in Woolwich in 1973.

I worked as a long distance driver for Mersey docks, container basin, but I left to train as a plumber gaining an nvq level 4 City and Guilds Technical certificate. I worked as technician then did a spell at tutoring at my local community college. I retired early now doing voluntary work, i.e. managing a community transport company, providing transport for local schools and the disabled, in my home town of Liverpool


Eddie Roberts

I arrived in Taiping from Germany in May 1961 and my wife and daughter arrived in October. We were transferred to Terendak in 1962 and were the 1st occupants of 53 Christchurch Ave. Unfortunately, due to a family bereavement, my wife returned back to UK and I left Malacca in1964.

Because of the family upset I decided to end my career in the Army. I went to work in an aircraft factory but was very unhappy there, no commraderie like the Army. So I returned to the coal mine in N Wales where the cameraderie is equal to the Army. I worked at the pit from1965 to 1994 when I took redundancy. I became involved in local government and in the trade union. I was the Area President of my union and became the Mayor of Flint in 1980. As the Mayor, I was the President of everything that went on in the town. This is how I became involved with the Male Voice Choir. I joined the choir and been a member ever since. I was honoured to be awarded the BEM for services to the community but this was marred by the sudden death of my wife at the age of 49. I've since remarried and moved from N Wales to live in Chester.


Eric Wells

After Leaving Malaya in October 1967, I went to Catterick Camp and was demobed their at the end of October. Upon leaving the army, I went back to Grantham and returned to the building trade but gave it up after 3 years, to seek my fortune in the Insurance business, after about 4 years, I packed that it in, and moved to a job that suited me well. I went to work for British Steel as a representative. After 28 years I took redundancy and early retirement. I’ve now been retired for about 5 years and enjoying every minute of it. In 1970 I married my wife Wendy and have 2 children, Debbie and Martin, and 4 Grandchildren.



Mick Kynaston

I became a Denbury brat 1959, went to Woodhouse Eaves 1962 (that's when I started to become a bit loopy)! Escaped later to Catterick to become a Radio op. Later in 1962 went to 207 at Soltau - 1963 to rear link troop 11 Hussars (during this period on trips back to Catterick met June). Feb 1968 arrived 208 Rebro Tp (hooray), Aug 1969 left for 30 Sig Regt., AMF(L) Radio Troop (RRB tp-nearly as good as 208). 1971 made Sgt and joined 11 CTT @ Colchester. 1972 went to Middle Wallop for pilot training - not up to standard - but good fun though. 1973 off to 1 Div @ Verdun, very good time, then 1976 off to 7th Sig Regt - nearly as good as 208, 1980 then to 33 Sig Regt(V) not my cup of tea, 1981 to 1984 RQMS at Sig Wing, Sch of Inf till ROD May 1984.1984 to 1985 ASA Lon.Dist (Mill Hill) then 1985, ASA at Newcastle Upon Tyne till 31 Oct 2011 when I finally hang up my pencil & retire (age 67). Haven't regretted a moment and now looking forward to retirement.


Ian Sutherland


1965 to late 67. Little bit of history about me after I left 208 I was transferred to the Signal Troop (200 I think) attached to the Scots Guards at the other end of Terendak. As most of the guys in 208 who knew me would know I was born in Kenya and quite a few of the SG's thought my Kenyan accent was an Australian one, anyone remember how well they got on with 3 RAR? The best thing I remember about the SG's is all attached personnel were banned from the parade square, well that suited me fine and dandy. Due to the Borneo troubles ending They were posted to Redford Barracks in Edinburgh and I went back with them but was sent onto Catterick for a spell in transit before being sent to BAOR for the next 6 years. I was posted to another Sig Troop attached to the Royal Sussex Regiment (soon became 3 Queens ) which consisted of 3 Royal Signals personnel. They welcomed attached personnel to their square but I forgive them as it was a great posting the lads were all brilliant I was even asked if I would like to transfer to the Regiment which I declined, wasn't ready to face the rest of my time in the Infantry. I was then posted to 21 Signal Regt after a year in RAF Wildenrath I was sent to work with 18 Sqn RAF who had Wessex helicopters at RAF Guttersloh as a MAOT (Mobile Air Operations Team) there were 3 teams with a Royal Signals operator in each with a Flt. Lieutenant and a Wing Commander as overall boss. Away from Army bull it couldn't have been any better, that and lots of flying in helicopters. April 1973 my last year in the Army I was posted to 3 Div Signal Regiment at Bulford in Carter Barracks which have now long gone. Started in wooden spiders and ended my Army career in them. It was a good posting and I hope no one who was there at the time reads this. They forgot to put me on the duties list so I did no night or day duties at all. Kept my head down and agreed with those who moaned about seemingly always being on guard and couldn't get their heads round it. 3 Div Sigs had a detachment in Stranraer SW Scotland which was in an old WW2 radar site this provided a secure link to Northern Ireland it consisted of eight persons on a month at a time rota I mention this because I met and after leaving the Army married a local girl.

I left the Army in September 1974 and settled in London and eventually went into the building trade as a bricklayer. The wife hated London and in 1977 we moved back to her home town Stranraer. We had two boys which have given me two granddaughters and a grandson. After 24 tears I mean years of marriage in 1998 it all fell apart and we were divorced. There appears to be a few of us was there something about 208? I am now with a partner and we have been together for 12 years, she has 3 daughters and one son, who have given her 9 grandchildren and one great grandson. In 1979 I started with Post Office Telephones soon to become BT due to Maggie Thatcher, started in the cabling gangs then maintenance and construction jointing onto one man installer ending up as a Customer Service Engineer. Took a package and left in 2009 after putting in 30 years. now to keep me occupied I doing a driving job with a firm that supplies car parts.

The same month and year I started with BT I joined the TA but not the Royal Signals. I joined the dreaded RMP and enjoyed every minute of it and remained with the unit for 20 years serving the last two and half years as the RSM.

I always look at my time in 208 as a great experience and Malaya was such a awesome place for an 18/19 year old. Often looked at the photos I had and wondered what those guys were doing, well thanks to Pam's web site I now know. Very sad knowing that some are no longer with us but great to see others have been successful since leaving 208.