Out of Comms

These are pictures of just a few of the ex 208-ters who we would like to see again.  Is there anyone you would like me to add to the list. Have you got any information about any of these people?  Could anyone give us a clue as to where they are or where they were last heard of? Some people do not want to be found of course and we always respect their wishes.


billslater.jpg (16686 bytes)

Bill Slater. 

chrislaughlin.jpg (23762 bytes)

Chris Laughlin

Tony saw him in Catterick the night he saw Len Tewesbury. Some help that is. He also used to live in Jamaica.

dickalmond.jpg (35914 bytes)

Dick Almond

Is from Darlington

dickbaxter.jpg (16332 bytes)

Dick Baxter

Nick name - Whiskey man

But I always think of brandy when I think of Dick - the lethal local variety commonly called (rather politically incorrectly) Noggie Brandy! He was from Sutton Coalfield.

jimlucas.jpg (23852 bytes)

Jim Lucas

Jim was an army brat and I believe his full name is Charles James or the other way round. His father was I believe in the ACC. He was a boy soldier with the AAJLR in Wales. Actually someone else has asked me about him and I have as yet been unable to find much out. I last heard from him when we were in Aldershot and he wrote saying he was coming to Aldershot on a course.

joanlucas.jpg (21631 bytes)

Joan Lucas

Was married to Jim but I think they are divorced now. She was from Scarborough and I have a feeling that she was ex army - possibly an officer. We were quite friendly for some time and then I went back to the UK. We wrote for a while but have now lost touch for many years. She has 2 children called Tracy and Adrian I believe.

jockleitch.jpg (25093 bytes)

Jock McNeil

john(legs)maguire.jpg (22785 bytes)

John (Legs) Maguire

Last seen at John Plummers wedding in Melbourne. He is useful if only to find where the shoe designer is these days. Ken Mack has had no luck what ever so far.

johnmacphail.jpg (45464 bytes)

John MacPhail

He was D&E Platoon and previously was Scots Guards I believe. John and Barbara were my neighbours in camp - Stevenson Avenue. They were from Crewe but I believe john went donw south to work at Butlins or Pontins. He married again and Barbara has never seen hide nor hair of him since the 70's.

johnplummer.jpg (20453 bytes)

John Plummer

All I can remember of John was that he was a charming young National Serviceman and an excellent crickter.

kenriding.jpg (19906 bytes)

Ken Riding

Ken was from somewhere like Bolton or Burnley

lt.charleskemp.jpg (15490 bytes)

Lt. Charles McKinley-Kemp

We believe he was from Cumbria. Jan Hamilton saw him in Germany and he had been in a bad  RTA and did not look too good.  Charles Kemp dropped the Mckinley, served at 2nd Armoured Div HQ and Sig Regt Bunde, Germany from about 1980 as a squadron commander. His CO was the now Master of Signals Sam Cowan. His 2 i/c was a Capt. Jimmy Akehurst and his WO2 was a guy called Fendley.

malswain.jpg (16468 bytes)

Mal Swain

Married very young and consequently the Brit army would not let him bring his wife out here, which is a silly way of doing things.

mickfrench.jpg (19074 bytes)

Michael Julian Davidson-French

norriebrett.jpg (33037 bytes)

Norrie Brett

paddy.jpg (17645 bytes)

Paddy Makin

raygoddard.jpg (20601 bytes)

Ray Goddard

He was last heard of in Blandford in 1974/77 as a civvy. Bill Napier (ex 2 Div) used to drink with him regularly when Bill was with 30 Sigs.

scouse williams (snr).jpg (28968 bytes)

Scouse Williams (Snr) 543

scousewilliamsjunior.jpg (19634 bytes)

Scouse Williams (Jnr)

sgtstuart.jpg (38468 bytes)

Sgt. Stuart

tat simpson.jpg (39067 bytes)

John Peter (Tat) Simpson

Quite a few people would love to see Tat again. . He drank beer very quietly and seriously - at least that was always my impression. Away from my house he could have been terribly rowdy but I doubt it. He was from near Manchester - maybe Ashton and an ex-Denbury Boy.

williewilson.jpg (26375 bytes)

Peter (Willie) Wilson

Willie used to sit and talk to me and he was the type of young man who could talk and talk. We have been looking for him for months and we only found out recently that his real name was Peter. He was from County Durham originally

jeffpoulter.jpg (19361 bytes)

Jeff Poulter

mandelson.jpg (23742 bytes)

Cpl. Mandelson  ?????

I am not sure now whether this is Cpl. Mandelson,
Does anyone know who he is???

His claim to fame was that his wife after a very short time here and in the same evening (April 1968) threw a drink over Squiz and gave Sam a blasting for not allowing women in the compound.

paddygalvin.jpg (20534 bytes)

Mick (Paddy) Galvin

Most probably in the Irish Republic


sgtquery.jpg (18165 bytes)

S/Sgt Roy Adamson

The  Chief Clerk

Roy was from Newcastle.


Terry Davies

Sgt in Alpha Troop

jeandavies.jpg (21301 bytes)

Jean Davies

Jean was the wife of Terry Davies who was made up to Sgt while were there. They had lots of parties like we did and lived on Edinburgh Road. They were Southerners but nice with it!!!

jeffhawkins.jpg (22792 bytes)

Jeff Hawkins

enfield.jpg (31564 bytes)

Len Enfield

He was Brit in the Aussie Army  and a friend of Rich Squire I believe, and that is all I know until someone tells me some more. Robert Fellowes told me that Len served with 110 Signal Squadron in South Vietnam from Jul-Nov 1968.

jeffdowney.jpg (26254 bytes)

Jeff Downey

He was a cipher queen and never went out in the sun.

Waiting for photo

Geoff Collier

Geoff was a radio tech and last heard of around Southampton. He was a regular visitor to my house apparently


waiting for photo


Darryl Kejewski

I have emailed Bob Chidley to see if he has any photos of Darryl and Geoff Collier. You never know. Bob Chidley's email address bounced





tedheaseman.jpg (14279 bytes)

Ted Heaseman

Ted was a Brit and W.O. Y of Sigs in 208 from about 1965 to 1969.

harry pearson.jpg (14070 bytes)

Harry Pearson

Harry Pearson was in 208 from 1966 – 68 and he was a Cpl. Cypher OP, then he went to Singapore. He was married to Velda and was from the Birmingham area.

The Gaffer

F of Sigs

He came from Middlesborough and supported Middlesborough FC. He had spent a considerable time in Germany and drank huge quantities of Loewenbrau. He was married and his wife was brilliant company. 

Tom Bowman

He was a Scot and I believe he was going back to Blandford after Cyprus


The Hampshire Cricketer

The Hampshire Cricketer couldn't wait to get out to go and play for Hampshire - I think he had Barbadian connections but I'm not sure.

Chalky White

I am sure he was a Geordie but I could be mistaken.