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ForcesReunited - Reuniting Army, Navy and RAF Service Personnel 

Ian McLennansMalacca Diary,
The Story of a journey back to Malacca
Based in Singapore and from where many208 people came from

Terendak Schools
A meeting place for pupils and teachers (and anyone else who remembers)of the Terendak Schools, Slim, Mountbatten and Seaview. Pleasecould you supply valid email address on your application forms tosimplify administration.
The unofficial history of the Australian Armed Forces, includes asection on Terendak with photos
Official web site for 8 RAR, stationed at Terendak 1967-1969
Reunite with old service friends
Group for ex-Royal Signals for old service pals
Uniting Royal Corps of Signals Soldiers Past and Present

The 104th Signal Squadron was part of the 1st AustralianTask Force
(1ATF) based at Nui Dat in Phouc Tuy Province, Republic of Vietnam. Many
of our Oz Signallers quickly found themselves posted here after theirtime
in 208. I highly commend this site to you.
National Malay & Borneo Veterans Association UK
National Malay & Borneo Veterans Association ofAustralia
Terendak Military Cemetary
Other military cemetaries including Kranji in Singapore

Click download and Midnight Hour by TheShades of Blue can be yours.
This site is a lovely place for Singapore memories andthey are off back next year to find the old barracks. I want to go!!
This is a brand new web page for the girls of 4 Indep.Coy. WRAC who were stationed in Singers. Doug Friend married one ofthem. It is very new so not much on it at the moment.
107 Field Battery RAA, where I found the photos of the oldhaunts as they are today. Please visit and take a look it isinteresting and well designed and full of information.
The New 7th Storey Hotel. Families last bit of the Orientbefore returning to the UK. It was budget then and it is budget now.
The Australian RAF web site
216 Para Signal Squadron,  Aldershot where Sam and Ispent many happy years.
Here is a rather good website, it was set up after a verygood TV series which ran over a few weeks about 2 years ago. This sitewas recommended by JD and I am sure that you will like it.
The Royal Signals Unofficial web site which I always thinkof as Certo Cito.
The International web site for Gunners allover the world
A Field Battery Association (Inc)
Australia's Oldest Regular Army Unit.
Established in 1871   
THE PINGAT JASA MALAYSIAMEDAL for info on this award and to visit the site
 devoted to fighting for the right to wear the medal run by BarryFleming
An interesting site recommended by Doc.
This is a lovely web site of views of various places. I found theAldershot NAAFI club on there.
A site dedicated to 11 Independent Fld Sqn whoserved in Terendak Camp in the sixties.

The RoyalSignals regimental march








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