The Wire Magazine

I often have a look at what they are doing on the 249 Signal Squadron web page. I noticed that they had an historial section so I emailed one of the people from the web page to ask about it. He told me that Tim Stankus, the Archivist from the Royal Signals Museum in Blandford had supplied the information.

I have corresponded with Tim on numerous occasions in the past and he was able to send me some articles scanned in from The Wire covering the start of 208 in Taiping in about 1960 to the bitter end in Terendak in 1970 or there abouts.

The articles are copied verbatim except for some alterations in punctuation. If any of you can add any details to the articles I will be pleased to publish them alongside. I found it all very riveting and was sorry when I got to the end.

I gave some of the documents/records that Tim Stankus sent me to Ken Mack and he is, hopefully, coming up with some results soon.

The quality of the photos is limited because they are scanned from photocopies of the original magazine. I know that 2 of the photos have the wrong captions underneath but it was a mistake in the magazine and I will be altering it as soon as possible.